Anti-freeze Heating cable self-regulating, 2 m, max. power 17W/m

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Technical Data
Sizes: 7,9 x 5,6mms
Max. output: 17W/m at 5°C

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Heating cable – Anti-freeze cable self-regulating type SR17
Length: 2 meter ready for connection, with safety plug

Length of heating cable: 2 meter
Feeding cable with saftey plug: 2 meters


Protect your water pipes from freezing.

Winter is coming, the temperatures drop and water pipes, troughs, dog bowls and all
other water bins freeze up?

The consequence: carrying water yourself!!!

This problem can by solved by a heating cable for your pipes.

There are manifold, and partly very funny, possibilities for application:
e.g. horse troughs, water pipes, water containers for horses, cows, sheeps, dogs etc.
You can even grant your chicken the luxury of flowing water in winter.

No more freezing of pipes and water bins.

Very important: if the cable is installed within the reach of animals, it has to be protected from
bites! E.g. by means of building foam and a housing made of wood or similars.

You do not need any control unit. The cable cannot overheat or burn out.

Our customers used the heating cable for:

  • Chicken troughs, horse troughs, dog bowls
  • Terrariums, dog and cat flaps
  • Koi ponds, fishponds
  • Plants, e.g. olive trees, palms, orange trees etc.
  • Heating of hotbeds
  • Drain pipes and water pipes of circus caravans, trailers, camper vans, mulled wine stalls etc.
  • Avoiding condensation, e.g. in shop windows, windscreens of cars
  • Securing drains of condensed water from stoves and stainless steel fireplaces
  • Keeping cooling water from freezing, e.g. in boats
  • Keeping sliders of weirs free of ice
  • Protecting awnings from icicles
  • SAT bowls for TVs


  • sturdy and stable in warmth
  • mechanical protection and earthing
  • coating made of thermoplastic
  • self-regulating
  • easy installation

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